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Barbara Elum Baldres
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Born in Valencia (Spain) , Barbara moved to London in 2002 where she studied at the prestigious University of the Arts London. Studying at London College of Fashion and Wimblendon College of Art , she gained a Diploma in Fashion Design an FdA Degree in Fashion and then her BA Hons Degree in Costume Design . Barbara is based in London and has worked around the UK and across Europe.

The importance of detail is key to her designs, through which she defines different personalities and creates big characters. Her work incorporates subtle but important features that highlight aspects of the characters personalities, both in contemporary and period productions.

During her career she has designed a variety of different kinds of projects from Feature films , commercials, music videos to TV series. Lately Barbara has finished two great TV comedy projects "Ruins of my Life" produced by Pete Coogan and Jenna Jones for Left Bank pictures and "Care less" produced by Rebecca Parkinson and John Rolph for Retort TV.

With her unique designs and costume ideas, Barbara adapts to each new project, becoming essential in the creative process for the Director and direction of the production.