bafta crew
Barbara Elum Baldres

Loved working with Barbara, she's creative, flexible and has enthusiasm in abundance.

Jenna Jones

Producer - Left Bank Pictures

I'd whole heartedly recommend Barbara. We just shot a film together that was far too ambitious for its budget and without people like Barbara it would have been impossible. She worked tirelessly throughout and never lost the creative spark that led me to employ her in the first place. She's a great person to have in the trenches with you.

Ben Turner

Film director & partner of Fulwell 73

This letter is to confirm we know and have worked with Barbara Elum. She is a very talented designer who is passionate about her job. We believe she truly cares about films starting with the characters, theme and tone of the story and doesn’t rest until she has completely achieved the director’s vision.

She is a hard working professional and her dedication through the research process is brilliant. We feel she brings a fantastic body of visual research that really helped the whole team.

I would recommend Barbara to anybody, she is a truly big asset to any project.

Paula Vaccaro

Producer  Pinball Londo LTD

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara on numerous occasions both in commercials and in film. Barbara is a highly gifted costume designer that is not afraid of a challenge. She has emerged with extremely creative solutions when budgets are tight and her resourceful nature made realising the jobs possible without compromising her artistic vision. Her organisation and attention to detail is outstanding. She is also an all-round team player who makes the working environment a joy.

I look forward to working with her again in the future, Wishing her the very best of luck,

Amy Dolan

Producer Golden Lane Films

Barbara and I worked closely on the look for Taking Stock, creating the right contrast between ordinary London shop assistants and renegade outlaws in the spirit of Bonnie and Clyde. She succeeded really well in capturing the essence of both and the combination of the two. A very talented designer.

Maeve Murphy

Director & Producer Taking Stock

Barbara is a trully creative individual, passionate about her craft and someone who is such a joy to collaborate with. She listened to my ideas, made solid suggestions of her own, threw herself into her research and brought her designs to life both on time and under budget. As a director I could not have asked for a stronger Costume Designer than Barbara.

Michael Archer

Director & Producer Old Lamp Films